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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Fashion Palette - Day #2

So tired! Day #2 was a very inspiring day and I'm looking forward to sharing what I learned with you. Even if you are not in the fashion industry - you'll find some of the key points, tips & advice are still relevant and inspiring. What I love about events like these is hearing how successful people got to where they are and how they create and work.

Nearly all the speakers one both days were unconventional in their progression to their current roles. They proved that there are many varied ways to get to the same point and that you can do what you want if you believe in yourself and work really hard. None were pretentious or affected, and the whole vibe of the event was really positive, accepting and encouraging.

If you are considering going to the event in 2010, go. Without a doubt.

Day #2 Outfit on Chictopia
...and I found these awesome shoes finally (getting delivered soon!)