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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fashion Palette 2010

Front row with Monique and Surungi (photo: Paul Cush)

(photo: Bianca Milani)

 (photo: Bianca Milani)

(photo: Bianca Milani)

 Launch Party with DesignFed'ers Katerina and Carolyn (photo: Just in Focus)

I was a roving reporter for Design Federation last week at the 2010 Fashion Palette conference in Sydney. Along with the team Monique and Surungi (blog writing) and Bianca (press photographer), I was designated live-tweeter. Hopefully some creatives out there found my tweets inspiring. I gave short summaries on each runway - trying to describe each label in 140 letters - along with tips and advice from the featured speakers.

If you are an aspiring fashionista I urge you to scan through the tweets and pick out some names to look into further, such as Samantha Wills, Peter Dwyer, and There are a plethora of photos from the runways doing the rounds, but be sure to check out Bianca's amazing shots here and here (or my amazingly crap iPhone shots here). 

My highlight was listening to photographer and illustrator Kelly Thompson speak - she is so insanely adorable and talented I just wanted to kidnap her. DF will be posting an article soon, but in the meantime check out MammaTuppy's coverage of the event.


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Thank you for shouting out MammaTuppy Jordan :)
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