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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

iWish Wednesdays

Some of the things I'm lusting after this week. I flicked through these books really quickly in store today so I can't tell you much about them. But these are the ones that really piqued my interest: 
  • The Little Veggie Patch Co. by Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember - How to Grow Food in Small Spaces. Had some beautiful photography and great layout design, would be a joy to read.
  • The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking by Kate Payne - Decorating, Dining and the Gratifying Pleasures of Self-Sufficiency on a Budget. Printed in two colour which tends to make me zone out, but no doubt filled with gems of knowledge.
  • Sewing Basics by Sandra Bardwell - All you Need to Know About Machine and Hand Sewing. Aside from my obsession with gardening at the moment, sewing is my other big interest. I would love to get the basics down so I can start making my own clothes.
  • Sew Step by Step by Alison Smith. Another goodie - and I've always been a fan of DK book layouts.
  • Stitch Step by Step by Maggie Gordon and Ellie Vance. I already know a lot of stitches, but would love to see if there are any other tips and tricks I haven't heard of or tried as yet.
  • Lion Brooch - coming soon to Pigeonhole.
  • Bush Radio - looooooooooove.
  • KeepCup - for all those occasional guilty Chai Lattés I'm drooling over this reusable coffee cup (white cup with pale pink band, charcoal lid and magenta rotating cap).


Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

those books look too cute! i want a veggie garden sooo bad!!


Anonymous said...

A friend bought me a Keep Cup. They're fantastic and don't spill at all. Love it.